NYC in 24 Hours

New York City. The city that never sleeps. Or is that Miami? Who knows. But in the 10+ years since I’ve been there, I was looking forward to seeing all the sights, or as many of them as I could, in a 12 hour period. Impossible you say? Not with my mentality. 

Julio and I took the train up from Philadelphia the morning of December 21, after the Eagles prime time game forced us to adjust our tickets and stay overnight at my aunt’s house. We arrived around 10:30, caught the subway down to the World Trade Center Memorial, and grabbed a quick lunch at a local deli.  Freshly made sandwiches and organic juices, yum!  We headed over to the memorial, which was beautiful and touching, and then made our way down to Battery Park.   

 Originally we wanted to take the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty if there was time, but, as we realized once getting to the city, the lines for everything were a mile long due to the Christmas season.  So we settled for a photo from afar and then walked slightly north to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Since I was an avid Sex in the City watcher in college (and have every season on DVD), walking the Brooklyn Bridge was a must since Miranda and Steve reunited there.  The weather was a little windy but definitely warmer than usual for the season, so we were comfortable being outside most of the day.  After the bridge, we hopped back on the subway to the Empire State Building, which again we didn’t go to the top due to long lines.  But we snapped some photos in the lobby and then were on our way.


 Times Square was our next stop, and, after walking a few blocks in the wrong direction to get back on the subway, we passed Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center as well.  My main priority in NYC was to see the Christmas Tree (and ice skate, but again, lines were too long).  Stopping to see it during the day, I must admit, was a little disappointing.  I know the tree had been cut down in the end of November, so you can imagine that by December 21, it was looking a little droopy.  It wasn’t as fabulous as I imagined it would be and I made Julio promise we would come back at night to see it it (hopefully) all its glory.  


   From Rockefeller Center we could see the trees of Central Park so we decided just to walk the rest of the way there.  Poor Julio had definitely worn the wrong shoes for the day, although my Uggs weren’t the best choice either, and his feet were already hurting back at the Empire State Building.  But, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, he trooped along and stopped at every site I had on our “list” and barely complained.  Even after we walked the distance of almost 30 more blocks once we got to Central Park hahaha.  I wanted to see the inside of the park (and maybe imagine myself running around the lake a la Charlotte York), so we took every back trail I could find and had a nice break from the city.  Once we reached the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 82nd Street, we detoured down some side streets to reach Lexington and 89th Street, where my friends Allison and Joe live.  They weren’t quite off work yet, so we stopped in a bar to grab a drink and rest our feet.  Once our friends arrived, we grabbed a sushi dinner and changed our train tickets again to go back to Philadelphia the following morning.  That gave us more time to see the tree again, and to relax in their apartment and chat.  

 The tree did not disappoint at night!!  It’s so much more impressive, beautiful, and everything someone with a love of everything Christmas could hope for.  We got some great shots in front of the tree and ice rink and I was incredibly happy that my bucket list item could be checked off as a positive.  Doing Christmas in New York, despite the warm weather, is a must see for anyone on the East Coast.

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