Explore 2016: Travel Plans for the New Year

As we begin 2016, everyone is busy making resolutions:  work out daily, eat healthier, save more money.  Whether you follow through with those is up to you, but I’m here to tell you one of those resolutions should be to TRAVEL MORE.  Despite Julio trying to limit me to “3 trips a year,” I have 2016 tentatively planned out for us as we continue on our travel adventures.

January- March

I recently got Julio into skiing, which will give us more variety in the local winter trips we can take.  Big Bear, Snow Summit, and Mammoth ski resorts are all within a few hours drive of San Diego and great places to ski.  We’ve already been to Big Bear this month, and are planning another day trip to Snow Summit for my birthday.  In order to make these reasonably affordable day trips (lift tickets can get expensive!), we bought a 4 pack of passes at Costco and didn’t rent our gear on the mountain, rather at one of the ski shops in Big Bear City.  We saved $34 per lift ticket at $47 a person instead of $82 and $20 (50%) on rentals.  We have one Costco pass left and I get a free lift ticket on my birthday, which happens to fall on a Tuesday, our day off, this year.  So that time we will only have to pay for rentals.  Ski win!


We are also headed to Florida (a new state for Julio) to visit my Grandpop.  He’s staying in a retirement golf community near Orlando for the winter and wanted some visitors, so we’re going to pay him a visit to work on our golf game.  We’re also heading to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, a teen dream of mine, so that will be exciting!


February and March also hold another Thailand trip for us, and we plan on checking off Cambodia (a new country for both of us) on our list.  We loved Thailand the first time we visited and decided if we came back, we wanted to spend a full week in Phuket.  I wanted to visit a new country on the trip as well, so we made plans to see Cambodia and the temples at Angkor Wat.

April- May

We plan on going down to Mexico to visit Julio’s family during the Holy Week, which includes 4 days of celebrations and 4 wheeling through the desert.  Julio’s uncle has a great truck to race and Julio’s planning on getting a Jeep of our own to take down there as well.  I’m looking forward to some great Mexican food and exciting parties.


May is mostly a stay at home month for us (for now) unless I find some cheap flights to San Francisco.  I’d love to head up there for a quick day or two and visit Alcatraz, see the Golden Gate Bridge, and explore the city.

June- August

A friend’s wedding necessitated a trip to Michigan in June (another new state for Julio), so we extended our visit to include a stop in Chicago, where my best friend from high school lives with her brother.  Flying to Detroit was looking expensive, but flying into Chicago and adding 2 hours to our drive to Frankenmuth, MI saved us almost $500 on airfare.  Spirit airlines has very reasonable prices, and even though they then charge for seats, baggage, etc, if you purchase early, you save and since it will be summer (therefore we don’t need much more than tank tops and shorts), we are planning on carrying on so we only had to pay for one bag.  In Chicago, we plan on seeing the Willis Tower, eating some deep dish pizza, and of course, visiting the bean.


In July, my mom is headed to Portland for a sewing trip, and my dad is planning on joining her afterwards to explore the area.  The Northwest states are the only ones I still have to check off my list, so I’m planning on hopefully joining them for a few days as well, and maybe heading to Seattle, depending on what my work schedule looks like.


August is another stay at home month for us.  We’ll be gearing up for the fall and winter, with several trips planned during the holiday season.

September- December

Julio’s birthday is in June, but we postponed his birthday trip because of the wedding, so in September we’re headed to Cabo.  We haven’t booked it yet, but since it’s the beginning of the off season, I usually get lots of emails about great deals including airfare and resorts that are all-inclusive.  This will be a super relaxing vacation with just the two of us, so I’m really looking forward to it.


In October we have another wedding to go to, this time in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  We visited the OBX previously with my family and love it there so that will be a fun weekend with friends.


November means Thanksgiving, which means we head to Vegas to visit my Dad’s side of the family.  I love getting together over a delicious meal and catching up; being around family and the holiday spirit always makes this a wonderful time of year.

Finally, we will go back to Maryland in December for my family Christmas, and this time we’re trying to include a trip to my Uncle Bill’s house in Vermont to do some skiing (weather permitting of course).


So that’s it!!  2016 is somewhat planned out already, some things in pencil, some in pen, but overall looks to be a great year of travel and checking off some great new places.  Hope to hear about your travel plans for the New Year as well!!  Happy travels!!

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