Trover Treasures

Today I’m blogging about a recently discovered travel app that’s already become near and dear to my heart.  I’m talking about Trover.

Trover is an app where fellow travelers can post photos of where they’ve been, along with little anecdotes or tips about the location.  It’s great for posting hidden gems you may find while exploring a city- a little out of the way Thai food shop that makes the best pad Thai you’ve ever tasted, a secret hiking trail that leads to a lesser frequented waterfall, or a tour company that gives you out of this world service and makes sure your day with them is a complete success.

    The app is easy to navigate; you have your own page where you post your own photos and tips, and you can follow other travelers to have their most recent photos pop up on your newsfeed first.  You can also explore, and look up any destination your heart desires to see the latest photos from each spot categorized by outdoors, food, arts & entertainment, and “best of”, among others.  You can also create lists on your own profile of places you’d like to go, bucket lists, “don’t miss” spots for your next vacation destination, and great shots you appreciate from Trovers who have been where you’ve been.  

The whole idea of the app is to give avid travellers another way to connect and share their adventure finds.  It also gives people a way to plan upcoming vacations and maybe stop at a spot they wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.  Also, for people who enjoy photography, it’s a way to get their photographs out there to be appreciated.  Either way, Trover is a great app for anyone who enjoys travel and connecting with new people as much as I do!

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