Golf Pros in the Making

Julio and I recently spent a long weekend in Orlando, Florida visiting my Grandpop in his retirement golf community.  I took this as an opportunity to spend more time with him, since usually we only see each other at Christmas, and to work on my golf game.


Turtles in every pond on the course

We’ve only golfed once before, on a family vacation to the Outer Banks with my cousins.  But, we had fun, even though we were terrible, and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it another try.  The community my Grandpop stays in is called Fairways Country Club, a little golf community just outside of Orlando with a nice course.  We played the front 9 our first day there, because neither Julio or I is good enough, or has the patience to play all 18 holes at once yet.  Riding around in a golf cart is exciting in and of itself, so we picked up our rental clubs and off we went!


The front 9 holes were a little easier than the back 9, although we played 2 of the longer holes on the course that first day.  Overall I’d say my swing improved, I learned to keep my arm straight, and I actually hit the ball (into the air!) on my first try a few times.  We just won’t mention the number of times I swung and missed all afternoon.

On our second golf day, we played the back 9, which my Grandpop said were a lot prettier than the front 9 because of all the water features.  I’d have to agree with him, even though it made it a lot more likely for us to end up losing our balls in the water.  There were also a few different spots we could tee off at for each hole.  Our first day, we teed off at the ladies’ tee for each hole, which made for slightly shorter drives, and, in Julio and I’s case, less times we had to run after our balls and play from a less than advantageous spot.  On our second day, we shortened our course even more because several of the holes involved teeing off and getting the ball over a little pond, and the chances of me doing that were slim to none.  There was a set of gold golf balls set up ahead of the ladies’ tee on several holes, which was usually beyond the water hazard and saved us from going golf ball fishing.

Golf probably won’t become my favorite spot anytime soon, but it is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  I also got to spend some invaluable time with my Grandpop, so I’d call it a win, win.

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