Don’t Let Injury Ruin Your Vacation!

I’m a very active, outdoorsy person.  I love hiking, running, swimming, and walking my dog, as well as weight lifting.  Unfortunately, 9 days before my trip to Belize, I rolled my ankle very badly hiking Cowles Mountain in San Diego with Rocky.  At first, I thought it was broken, but after a trip down to Mexico for x-rays, we realized it wasn’t broken, but I had torn a few ligaments in my left ankle and would need to be off my feet for two weeks.  I was crushed.  I had been so excited for this Belize vacation, and now I had gone and twisted my ankle worse than I ever had before, and I wasn’t able to work at all prior to the trip to save up some extra money.  A few people asked if I was going to cancel the trip.  I thought to myself, I can’t let this ruin my vacation.  So I figured out a plan for Belize where I would still be able to enjoy most of the activities that I wanted to do and still keep off my foot.

My first priority was making sure I packed everything I needed to take care of my ankle while on vacation.  I bought ace bandages, crutches, and air cast, as well as borrowed a walking boot from a friend.  I have my prescription medication for inflammation and I can get bags for ice when I’m resting and elevating my ankle when I get to our Airbnb rental in Belize.  I planned on carrying on my luggage, so in addition to the essentials like bikinis and sunscreen, I made sure to have all of my medical supplies packed in there as well.

One of the upsides of having a badly sprained ankle when flying is that I will be able to use a wheelchair when going through security and bypass standing in line.  Hopefully it will also get Katie and I upgraded to a seat closer to the front of the plane, maybe even business class *fingers crossed*!!  We also heard that TSA has been very delayed lately in airports all across the county, so being injured actually might benefit us because security lines are rumored to be over 2 hours long.  Being wheeled to the front of the line has its perks I guess.  I really need to get the TSA pre check as a frequent traveler- it will be so much easier!

Make-shift ice pack in my ankle wrap

Katie and I’s priorities for this trip were mainly laying on the beach to get tan and snorkeling.  We had originally wanted to stand-up paddle board, so that was out, but we could still kayak.  I planned on wearing a life jacket while snorkeling and obviously, no fins on my feet.  The life vest will keep me afloat and keep me from having to do much kicking, plus I can use my arms.  Our busiest walking day will probably be the day we arrive, because we want to rent a taxi and visit the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha as well as the monkey sanctuary.  I can make my way around on crutches for a day since I know I’ll be relaxing on the beach for the rest of the week!

Swollen ankle

Yes, it’s very disappointing to get injured and even more so when you’re about to go on vacation.  But you don’t want to be a “Negative Nancy” and ruin your own and your friends’ trip just because you are slightly limited on what you can do.  Make the best of it, and keep a positive attitude.  Do as much as you can but keep in mind your injury and don’t over-do it. Enjoy your vacation and if you’re really disappointed, you can always plan another trip back to do it all over again when you’re healthy!

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