24 Hours at MGM Las Vegas

Julio and I have both been working lots of overtime the past month because some of our co-workers have gone on their own vacations (the nerve!) so when I got an email from Travelocity about great hotel and flight deals to Vegas with some added perks, I booked us a quick trip for our first day off in 4 weeks.  

We caught an early morning flight to Vegas on Spirit Airlines, a bare fare airline that advertises extremely cheap flights all over the country.  The catch is that you pay for everything else- seats, checking in with an agent at the airport, carry-on and checked bags, etc.  But, if you can manage with all of your things in a small backpack, or in my case, a beach bag, and you print your boarding pass at home, the only thing you need to purchase additionally are your seats!  Seats near the back of the plane for our 45 minute flight to Vegas were $4 per person, so altogether I only spent $16 extra for the flights.  Since we were only going to Vegas overnight and the forecast was 110 degrees and sunny, I wore my bathing suit under a pair of shorts and a tank top on the plane, packed 2 pairs of underwear, a pair of loose white linen pants and another tank top for walking around at night, and a hoodie in case I got cold in the air conditioning.  We kept it nice and simple, so when we got to Vegas at 10:30am, we were ready to hit the pool right away.

The MGM is one of my favorite hotels to stay at in Vegas just because of its size and their amazing pool.  The casino is nice and expansive, there’s a variety of restaurants and a buffet, and it’s located at the south end of the Strip, making for an easy walk to the Aria, Cosmopolitan, and the Bellagio.  There are several pools at the MGM, some rectangular pools with lounge chairs all around, a jacuzzi, and then towards the back left of the pool area is the Lazy River.  With several waterfalls and other water features, this lazy river is the perfect spot to spend a hot August day.  Julio and I grabbed some lounge chairs by the central waterfall, which you can get to via an offshoot of the lazy river.  There was a bar nearby where we grabbed drinks in a large souvineer cup for $24 each.  It may sound like a lot, but you get 2-3 drinks worth in each cup and refills are $18.  Plus they are made of hard plastic with a screw on lid and plastic straw, so you can float in the water without spilling and then take them home to reuse.  You can rent inner tubes to use in the lazy river for $16, but the water flows slowly anyways due to underwater jets, you can just as easily walk/float on your own.  It was 110 degrees the day we went, so we spent about 20 minutes on our chairs at a time, and would then do about 2 rounds in the lazy river to cool off.  

Julio and I have been to Vegas a lot- I used to live there and still have family there, so we don’t always have the “wild Vegas experience” every time we go.  After the pool we were so exhausted from the heat and from working for a month straight that we just took a long nap in our hotel room.  We were able to get an upgraded room in the newer tower with a nicer bathroom and larger room in general.  After our nap, we headed down to the buffet, where we had $75 worth of credit through the package I had gotten from Travelocity.  The dinner buffet was $30 per person and an extra charge if you wanted to do all you could drink alcohol.  We opted out of that since it was just mainly beer and wine, we figured afterwards we would stop and grab cheap drinks at a convenience store on the Strip.  The dinner was pretty good and there were a lot of options- I liked the dessert the best!  We went back to the room to change and headed out for the night.

As I said before, Julio and I’s Vegas trips aren’t what normal tourists usually do, but one thing we always make sure to see are the fountains at the Bellagio.  The show is amazing and they are constantly adding new songs to the lineup.  At night, the fountains go off every 15 minutes until midnight, so we usually catch 2 or 3 songs.  We made our way up the Strip, wine and beer in hand, and caught the last two fountain shows before midnight.  Then we caught a Lyft to Sean Patrick’s, a local bar off the strip where a friend of ours works the graveyard shift.  We always make it a point to go see Mike when we’re in town, and to get some of their delicious pizza!  

We got back to the MGM around 3am and went right to bed.  Check out is at 11am, and they have little kiosks set up so you can do an express check out instead of waiting in line.  We caught a Lyft to our favorite sushi spot, RA (the one in San Diego closed!!) and then headed to the airport!  A fun, relaxing 24 hours spent in Vegas with my man, gotta love it!

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  1. ralphdelligatti says:

    You two are amazing. When you can, always do what makes you happy!!!

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