Tropical Storm Newton

Hello from Cabo!!  Julio and I planned a vacation down here for our 3 year anniversary over Labor Day, knowing that it is hurricane season and we might not have the best weather.  Sure enough, the day we arrived we were greeted by a note in our room informing us about Tropical Storm Newton who was due to hit that night and early the next day.  We weren’t too worried, because we were scheduled to stay until Friday and the forecast was calling for beautiful weather after the tropical storm passed.  We just had to buckle down and ride it out!

As our first evening at the Riu Santa Fe wore on, the wind starting kicking up and the rain got heavier.  The bars and restaurants closed early and the pool loungers were all stacked and put away.  Julio and I grabbed a quick dinner at the buffet and then headed back to the room around 10.  Our room was on the 3rd floor of an open building, so the rain water was already getting into the hallways as we walked in to the stairwell.  We were on the far end of the hallway with only a cut-out window at the end, so we didn’t think there would be much water at first.  As we laid on the bed watching a movie, the winds got stronger and our door was rattling like someone was trying to get in.  Then I noticed water seeping under the door! Julio got up and opened the door and we saw that our entire hallway was flooded!  Apparently the wind was blowing all the rainwater directly into the window at the end of the hall.  Luckily, one of the resort workers was around and loaned us a squeegee to pull all the water out of our area.  I used most of the towels in our room to build a little wall to keep the water from coming back down the hall and put towels on both sides of our door.  


Another issue we had was the ceiling leaking.  In the corner of our room by the balcony a small drip started, so we put a towel down but another leak started above our bed!  We put a towel on the bed and had to rearrange how we slept so we wouldn’t get dripped on.  By the time 2am came around, the eye of the storm must have been overhead because the wind was so loud and our door was rattling so hard I thought it might come off.  Julio managed to stick another towel in the crack to stop the rattling so we could get some sleep.  I woke up at about 10am to light rain, some wind, and cloudy skies.  The storm was over.  Our resort sustained some damage but nothing too serious.  The only restaurant open that day was the buffet, and the front desk told us all the bars and restaurants in town were closed for the day as well, so we couldn’t do much except hang out at the resort in our room.  Later in the evening it had cleared up enough for us to have a sunset drink by the beach, where Julio and I talked about what an adventure the last night had been.  Hurricanes are intense but it was definitely an experience we’ll never forget!!

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