Snorkel and Sea Adventure!

After the hurricane passed, Julio and I didn’t plan on doing too much other than lay by the pool and drink mojitos.  But, my one request was that we take a snorkel tour that included a stop at Cabo’s infamous “Arch,” a distinctive rock formation located at the very southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.  We decided to wait until Thursday afternoon, 2 days after the hurricane, to take our tour in the hopes that the water would die down enough and we’d have good visibility for snorkeling.  While in Puerto Vallarta last year, we took two tours through an amazing company called Vallarta Adventures, and luckily, they had a location called Cabo Adventures right in downtown San Lucas at the marina.  I did some research, and we decided that the Snorkel and Sea Adventure was the best choice for us.  I couldn’t wait!

The tour included hotel transfers, so we were picked up at the Riu Santa Fe at 1:15 by a Cabo Adventures driver.  He took us down to the marina where we checked in at their dolphin facility and waited for our tour to begin.  I grabbed a few bottles of water before the tour at their cafe, just to stay hydrated, and then we moved into an area to be fitted for our fins. Our guide Melissa outlined the itinerary for the afternoon: first we were headed to the Arch with a view of both Divorce and Lovers beaches, plus a spot where sea lions frequented.  Then we moved over to Pelican Cove where the snorkeling would take place, and lastly to an area where we could kayak or try our hand at stand-up paddle boarding.  We headed over to the marina where our speedboat was waiting.  There were only 19 people in our group which was nice and small, all couples except for one solo female.  Julio and I grabbed a spot near the front of the boat and away we went!

We circled out around a large cruise ship that was docked in the bay and then came back around towards the Arch.  The tip of the Baja Peninsula is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.  We cruised around to the Pacific side to see Divorce Beach, which is linked to Lovers Beach on the Cortez side.  As we got closer to the rocks, we saw several sea lions snoozing the afternoon away.  Melissa explained to us that the largest male, Poncho, was the leader of the group, and he looked out for the females and babies.  We came back around to the Sea of Cortez side and the Arch came into view.  It was formed through erosion over thousands of years.  There are some caves in the rocks as well where treasure was found years ago, hidden there by pirates!  We got some great photos and then left for our snorkeling spot.

The area for snorkeling was kind of small due to the current and waves still being a little rough from the hurricane.  Melissa told us this was the clearest location and that each couple could share a “sea scooter,” a battery powered little motor than helped you swim faster.  Right when we jumped in I was a little worried because the visibility wasn’t good at all, but as I made my way over to shallower waters inside the snorkel area, I found a large rock/coral formation that most of the fish were swimming around.  We saw a lot of different species, some brightly colored spotted fish and I saw my favorite, a parrotfish.  I was a little disappointed that the snorkeling area was so small- the rock formation turned out to be the only area to see the fish, and the visibility as I said wasn’t perfect, but you can’t help having a hurricane!  After about 40 minutes we headed off to our last stop for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Julio and I have been wanting to try stand up paddle boarding for a long time and just haven’t gotten around to it, so we got in the water quickly and snagged two paddle boards.  As we paddled away from the boat, I started out kneeling and then switched to a standing position.  It wasn’t too hard!!  I paddled a little further and then realized the current was taking us pretty far away from the boat.  I turned my board around and realized why it had been so easy- we were going with the current at first, and going back was super difficult with a lot of small waves!!  It took me about 30 seconds to loose my balance and fall off, and I decided to sit for the rest of my ride since I had aways to go back to the boat.  Julio tried to stand up several times but I think the water was just too rough.  We both enjoyed it though, and are making plans to try again back here in San Diego.  

We sped back to the marina and waited for our shuttle ride back to the hotel.  I thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would recommend it to anyone.  It included water bottles and snacks, as well as hotel transfers for a 3 hour tour for $75 a person.  If you’re ever in Cabo, make sure to check out Cabo Adventures for the Snorkel and Sea Adventure and several other exciting tours!!

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