Birthday Pool Party at Harrah’s

For our coworker Ashlee’s birthday this year, she wanted everyone to go to Harrah’s of Southern California, a hotel/casino about an hour northeast of us in San Diego.  Luckily, she planned it for a Tuesday, and called ahead to arrange for a group of rooms to be set aside for her at a special birthday price.  Julio and I were one of the first ones to book, and secured a room for $119 for the night.  Our main priorities were to hit the pool and lazy river all day, and then gamble at night.

Refilling our drinks for the pool!

After an early morning workout and dropping the dogs off with our friend for the day, we headed up to Harrah’s.  The weather had been unseasonably warm in San Diego, so we were preparing for similar if not higher temperatures at the pool.  Luckily for us (or unluckily for those of us planning on getting a tan), it was completely overcast when we arrived.  We were able to check in early at 11:30, and got a room on the 18th floor overlooking the pool.  Julio and I got a room with a king-sized bed all to ourselves, although several of the other party goers were sharing a room.  Our boss had given us a few bottles of alcohol as a gift for the party, so we started pre-gaming with some wine and vodka drinks before heading down to the pool.  The pool at Harrah’s is arranged into two separate areas- an adult, over 21 area with a pool bar and jacuzzis, and a children’s area with a lazy river.  We managed to snag a group of chairs and umbrellas right near the main bar, and most of the girls got a cocktail right away in Harrah’s souvineer cups so we could refill later.  The weather was warm, overcast, but breezy, and at times the water felt warmer than the air outside as we floated around the lazy river.  Our party group took over one of the jacuzzis and we relaxed and celebrated Ashlee’s 27th all afternoon.  There were a lot of yummy cocktails to choose from, as well as great bar snacks to satisfy our hunger later in the day. Julio, Jolene and I split some wings and the carne asada fries, which were delicious!!

Around 4:30, we left the pool and went back up to the room to shower and nap before the night’s festivities.  After a few interruptions from our other party members, I was able to take a short nap, and Julio and I went down to the buffet for dinner around 8.  Julio loves buffets, so trying the one at Harrah’s was a must-do.  The variety of food was pretty good and a lot of the things I tried were great, but I just wasn’t super hungry in general.  Their dessert selection was amazing- the had several different gelato flavors, cotton candy (!!), red velvet cupcakes, white chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and more!  After dinner we joined our other party-goers in the casino for some gambling.  I’m not much of a gambler and I have terrible luck, but I’ll throw down $40 to play roulette occasionally.  We sat at the tables until almost midnight, and then went back to the room to watch a movie.

We always have lofty goals of getting up early and working out or going to the pool when we stay at hotels, but really we always end up sleeping in and then checking out and heading home.  Julio and I snoozed until 10:30 and were on the road back to our babies by 11.  We had a great time at Harrah’s for Ashlee’s birthday and it’s definitely a close-to-home retreat that we’ll indulge in again.  If you want to book your own stay at Harrah’s, click here!

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