How to Pack for London and Paris in a Carry-on

It’s time for another edition of “How to Pack,” this time for a week in London and Paris in the fall.  I booked a ticket through WOW Airlines, a new airline based out of Iceland that offers cheap flights from the US to Europe and Iceland.  The only catch is that baggage tends to be expensive and they have strict weight limits, so I decided to go the cheapest route I could, and pay for one carry-on bag and a personal item for each flight.

Before I even began packing, I first checked the forecast for both cities during my stay.  We are well into fall now, and even though my friend’s mom said it’s been “unseasonably warm” in London, I wanted to make sure I didn’t pack the complete wrong wardrobe.  My weather app told me it would be in the low 60s in both cities during the day and low 50s to high 40s at night.  Sounds like comfortable and great walking-around temperatures for sight seeing!!  I tend to get cold easily, so any short sleeved shirts were out of the question right away.  Pants-wise I packed 2 pairs of jeans and one pair of warm black leggings, and two pairs of workout leggings.  (I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding in 3 weeks so I need to maintain some sort of fitness routine!)  I brought 4 black and grey long-sleeved tops/hoodies and one purple flannel for some color.  Two workout shirts, a tank top and shorts to wear to bed, a scarf and hat rounded out my clothing for the week.  Luckily my friend’s parents have a washer/dryer in their flat so I can do a load or two of laundry if I need to.  I also brought one pair of running shoes and a pair of black boots for every day, walking around wear.  Throw in basic toiletries and a hair straightener and I had myself a suitcase!  Your carry-on bag can weigh up to 26 pounds on WOW, and I had plenty of room and weight to spare, weighing in at 19.8 pounds.

PJs, undershirts, hat and scarf

You are also allowed to bring a free personal item such as a purse or backpack on the flight.  I chose to bring a backpack, since purses end up being too bulky and awkward to carry on international trips.  In it I brought my phone and GoPro, my Nook with two new books uploaded onto it, my pocket guidebooks for Paris and London with maps, my passport, keys to the London flat, and an Oyster card!  The Oyster Card is essential for getting around London quickly and easily and it was very nice of my friend’s mom to let me borrow it during my stay.  I also plan on bringing a few snacks, a sandwich, and a drink once I get to the airport because WOW doesn’t include free meals during their flights.  I also plan on bringing only a backpack to Paris for the weekend, so my personal item is doubling as my luggage for my inter-European flight on Saturday.

Personal item essentials!!

I really feel like I am well prepared and packed for this trip.  I’m bringing a heavy black peacoat to wear at night so I have plenty of layers for the evening when it gets cold, as well as comfortable and basic options to wear while sight-seeing, during the theater show I’m going to, and while traveling.  I didn’t overpack or bring things I won’t end up wearing (except maybe the workout clothes!) so overall I think I’m ready.  Bring it on, Europe!!

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  1. Courtney says:

    See you soon! We just got to our flat tonight; not with just carry-ons however due to an almost two week trip. I did manage it at 30 lbs in half a suitcase to bring back all my Christmas gifts 😉

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